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Cat lady. Stays up too late.

Hi, I'm Erika, and I paint cats. I live in West Palm Beach, FL with my husband, daughter, two cats and some fish. In September 2018, I started decorating my small human's sandwich bags for her lunch at school. Hence "The Sandwich Cats." Since then they've gotten much more elaborate and are on actual surfaces, not bags. 


If you commissioned a painting of your cat and would like it turned into jewelry, you can order it through Kitschy. If you'd like to commission a painting of your cat and then have it turned into jewelry, give me a holler and I can plan the dimensions of the painting around your jewelry desires. All my artwork posted on Instagram is available as Kitschy jewelry. 


I donate a portion of the proceeds from my art sales to help local feline rescue and TNVR (trap-neuter-vet-release) programs in our area too because they do great things to end suffering and need all the help they can get :)

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