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Jan Jenkins – River West Artworks

Originally from Quebec, Jan lived and worked in Alberta, then moved to Manitoba. She now focuses her energy on creating original art for smaller spaces and wearable art for that unique look.  Working with pen and ink, printmaking, acrylics, watercolor and more, Jan explores a variety of mediums in her art.  Her work is influenced by the meditative artform of zendoodling along with the intricate patterns and designs found in textiles, decorative tiling and nature.   She displays her works in group and solo shows around Manitoba, sells her creations through galleries and online, volunteers in the arts and also donates works to charities for fundraising.  “My greatest joy is creating visual art from patterns around me – the rhythms of line, shape, color, contrast.  I lose myself in the creative process, its flow translating to visual imagery."  For more information on Jan and her work, please visit  There you can also find her blog posts, contact info plus links to her FB and Instagram and other social media accounts.

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