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An abstract fingerpainter, Kamelyta has always had an eye for bright contrasting colors. Her art is unique, classy, quirky and definitely colorful.  Kamelyta has only recently discovered her talent for painting by experimenting acrylic on canvas and paper with her finger.  
“I love love colors! If I were given four things to live with (besides my children), they’d definitely be Music, Spicy Food, Toilet Paper, and Colors. Colors make me happy. They make me smile, and laugh, and perky, and crazy!
With one finger, I simply play with my colors. I let my emotions, feelings and fervor dictate my finger. I don’t think, I don’t ponder, I don’t meditate. I just let go.
Every piece has a story and I tell them through my colors. My life, my appetite, my hunger, my sadness, my anger, my desire, my love, my happiness, my stories, are all in these magnificent colors. I become alive. 

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