As small business owners we enjoy collaborating with other businesses in our community.

We have the ability to take your professional photos and create art-in-art.

What this means, if your client absolutely loves your work, teaming with Kitschy gives you the option to include package add-ons with those images embed in resin, into a necklace medallion, keychain, small plaque, magnet, window hanging and ornament.

Resin is clear sap extracted from trees, it’s super lightweight material
used to preserve objects forever.

We create all our pieces by hand and at our Tallahassee art studio.
Depending on the size of the order, we can create a piece in 2 to 3 days.

Our portfolio includes working with local photographers, artists, businesses and charity organizations.

Hang Tough Foundation
HUG Ambassadors
Kollet Probst Originals

City Walk Urban Mission

The Art of Jim Russell

Melissa Osburg

Elle Belle Photography
Rewski Photography
The Hare & The Hart
The Wooden Butterfly
Olde Fields Clothing Co.
Sparkle by Madison
The Other Side of Vintage

Here’s how this partnership works:

We provide a price sheet based on the accessory.
Products range in price based on quantity and size.
On average, one item will not exceed $20.

Email any images to be used in a accessory:

We will coordinate with you on deadlines for your packages. We take up to two weeks depending on order size.