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Luann "Lulu" Schwall was born with a love of fashion and style! Even as young as ten years old, she was looking at VOGUE magazine and illustrating her own fashion line. In school, art was always her favorite class! As many do..she followed what she thought was a “safer’ career path in life and studied psychology in college. After a masters degree in counseling and years in private practice, she stayed at home to raise her newborn daughter.  When Fiona went to preschool, she tried her hand at being a freelance makeup artist and was the principal makeup artist for Jyoti Sackett, an Internationally published fine art photographer.  As a team, their work appeared in numerous magazines and Vogue Italias PHOTOVOGUE.  Knowing she was meant to do something else…she picked up her paintbrush and the rest is history.  

Lulu paints muses to appeal to your fantasy self…your alter ego…to inspire you. Each of these ladies and gentlemen tell a story with their highly stylized features. She also paints custom portraits. Lulu’s portrait paintings would best be described as stylized, fresh and soulful.

Lulu’s art is influenced by fashion designers, makeup artists, fashion bloggers, beauty and lifestyle magazines, reality TV shows ( especially on BRAVO TV network), Hollywood Celebrities, and pop music icons. Lulu’s portraits have appeared on the Bravo TV network shows, Southern Charm and The Real Housewives of Dallas.

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