Bright Flower Cuts Earrings by Melissa Bradley encased in resin. 1' Medallion Earrings. Nickel Free. Lead Free. 304 Grade Stainless Steel.

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Artist Statement
My art is a representation of my personality.   I sometimes include objects that I find curious or bring about a particular emotion within me.   My art is a unique expression of myself.   My style also shows the range of my personality.    It can be at times warm, dark, cool and grounded or bright, happy. The color ranges exemplify my moods. Sometimes I just want to standout!  I put my own unique spin on my pieces or subject matter for the media I use.   I’m a painter at heart but I also expand into new things to make my work expressive even more.   I want the viewer to have a sense of my personality or emotions when they are examining my artwork.  

I am hoping that you the viewer can have an emotional response while viewing my artwork.   It might remind you of something or take you back to another time or place.  Art lovers or those that are curious either see the same image as it is or in a complete different way giving different responses.    I hope the viewer has a positive response upon viewing my artwork.  Furthermore, what matters most is how the finished piece looks.   I focus all my attention while creating each piece I do. I have plenty of creative energy within me that will lead to creating more artwork each time I get inspired.
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Bright Flower Cuts Earrings by Melissa Bradley