304 Grade Stainless Steel. 1” Medallion Necklace. Nickel Free. Lead Free.


I am a self-taught painter, a student at Georgia Military College, and a military wife. I  was born and raised in Sri Lanka , and I migrated to the USA 5 years ago. Presently I am located in Columbus, Georgia. I began my art journey about 7 years ago. It all started  while I was in the process of waiting to move to America to re unite with my husband,  which was a long and painful wait. I left my day job hoping I would get to travel soon  but things just got delayed and I felt like my life was put on hold. I didn’t know how  to cope with it. I turned to art as a form of therapy and a coping mechanism. My desire  to paint started to grow each day. I painted every single day for more than a year until  my travel plans were confirmed. I realized that it made me happy and content, Therefore,  I continued to paint and I never looked back.  

My style of art is impressionistic/semi-abstract. I work mainly with acrylic impasto  paint. I love applying vibrant, happy colors and texture to my work. I mostly work with  my intuition and mood. I believe that there are no rules and boundaries to being an  artist, therefore, I try experimenting and trying out different styles of paintings. A large  amount of my artwork is inspired by all things related to nature. I enjoy painting florals,  trees, and landscapes. The different colors, shades and textures speak to me and I love  to transform them into paintings. My artwork is represented by the Heritage Art Center,  Columbus and I am also a member of the Columbus Artist’s Guild.  

Art is a form of self-fulfillment for me. It is an addiction, it is therapy when I need it,  it is happiness, hope, and many things more. My goal is to become a professional full time artist and I am currently working towards obtaining my bachelor’s degree in fine  arts.  



Chin Brandstetter 

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Phone #: 912-622-0074

Floral Jewels Necklace by Chinthika Brandstetter